18 Holiday Gifts That Are 100% Climate Neutral

December 09, 2019
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Still looking for that perfect gift this holiday season? We’re here to help.

The gift guide below features our top gear picks for travelers, backpackers, weekend warriors, commuters, and most everyone in between. The best part is that each brand has committed to measuring and offsetting their entire 2019 carbon footprint while identifying ways they can reduce in 2020. Start shopping now:


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Klean Kanteen Water Bottle I Peak Design Travel Backpack I Nomad iPhone Case I Sunski Dipseas I Western Rise AT Slim Pant I To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensils I Sensi Graves Bathing Suit


A brightly colored insulated water bottle

Klean Kanteen makes some of the best insulated gear out there and their 32oz vacuum insulated TKWide Bottle might just become your new favorite water bottle. Why’d we pick it? Interchangeable lids allow you to turn this from a water bottle into a coffee mug or insulated cup with stainless steel straw.

Shop Klean Kanteen Insulated TKWide 32oz Today

A Sleek & Functional Backpack 

Peak Design’s award winning carry on backpack is versatile, durable, and made with travelers in mind. They understand that no trip is alike and designed a backpack that meets the needs of your adventures. It can expand to a 45L gear hauler or collapse down to a 35L day pack. Either way you use it, it fits inside the overhead bin.

Shop Peak Design’s Travel Backpack 45L Today →

A leather case for their new iPhone 

For anyone who picked up the iPhone 11 this year and is looking for a case that’s just as sleek, check out Nomad. Their Rugged case maintains a minimalist look while providing sturdy protection of the phone itself and, importantly, the screen. It’s also wrapped in a leather giving it a unique look from other cases out there.

Shop Nomad Rugged Case I iPhone 11 Today →

Actually affordable polarized sunglasses 

We swear Sunski’s unisex Dipsea shades look good on everyone we’ve seen try them on. They are each made of super light recycled plastic so won’t weigh you down and come in a variety of colors. Each pair features polarized lenses at a price that makes picking up a pair a no brainer.

Shop Sunski Dipseas Today  →

A pair of active pants that look so good you can wear them to work 

Western Rise’s AT Slim pant are some of the most durable active pants out there. As they say, they are ‘nearly indestructible.’ These pants are meant to be worn day in and day out and were built for life on the go. The stretchy fit means they are comfortable and honestly they look great on. Did we mention they’re also stain resistant?

Shop Western Rise AT Slim Pant Today →

Bamboo utensils for your friend who always orders take out 

Know someone looking to cut down on single use plastic consumption? A really easy way to start is by carrying around a reusable utensil kit to avoid using plastic ones while eating out. To-Go Ware makes a great bamboo set that can easily be thrown in a day pack or left in a desk drawer.

Shop To-Go Ware Classic Utensil Set →

A new suit for the wave chaser in your life 

Know someone going on a warm vacation any time soon? Sensi Graves (a professional kiteboarder) designs bathing suits that can stand up to the needs of intense water sports while still being flattering. As Sensi says, “we design swimwear that’s made to work, whether you're tow-surfing at Jaws or sup-ing down the river.” The Olivia one piece is one of their top selling suits and is available in 5 colors.

Shop Sensi Graves’ Olivia One Piece Today  →



BioLite FirePit Climate Neutral I Rumpl Puffy Blanket I Miir Camp Mug I Ombraz Armless Sunglasses I Forsake Boots I humangear Utensil Set

A portable, smokeless fire pit for the campsite (or backyard) 

Our best-selling FirePit is now available in an all-black color way. Only 1000 were made and when they sell out, they are gone. You can feel good knowing 10% of every purchase goes directly to supporting Climate Neutral’s work.

Shop BioLite FirePit Climate Neutral Today  →

A cozy blanket built for outdoor activity 

Rumpl’s ultra-durable Original Puffy blanket was re-designed this year from the ground up. It now features materials that are 100% post-consumer recycled. Available in numerous colors and designs, this blanket is perfect for spreading some warm vibes this holiday season.

Shop Rumpl Original Puffy Today →

An insulated mug to keep your drinks warm in the backcountry or on your commute 

Whether you’re drinking a moscow mule or cup of joe - this copper mug will keep it cold or warm while you’re away from the grid. Miir’s Camp Cups are some of our absolute faves, we use them frequently on our way into work and always bring them along on camping trips.

Shop Miir 12oz Copper Camp Cup Today  →

A pair of armless sunglasses designed for adventure 

We weren’t sure about ‘armless’ sunglasses - that was until we tried them on. They are super lightweight and comfortable. Ombraz sunglasses are polarized and secure on your head easily. And they really stay put, making them a great shade for any type of adventure.

Shop Ombraz Armless Sunglasses Today  →

A new pair of hiking boots

Forsake makes some of the best footwear out there (another fav around the BioLite office). Not only do their boots look just plain cool on, they are comfortable and highly functional. The Women’s Patch boots are available in 6 different color variations, these are perfect for lady in your life in need of some new hiking boots.

Shop Forsake Women's Patch Boots Today →

A compact utensil kit for their camp kitchen 

Humangear’s GoBites Trio Set make the perfect stocking stuffer. Available in tons of colors, pick up a set for everyone’s stocking. This complete utensil kit comes in a convenient carrying case making it uber packable.

Shop humangear's GoBites Trio Set Today  →


Avocado Pillow I LifeStraw Filtration Pitcher I Mana Threads Pants I Boyish Jeans Overalls I A Biodegradeable Toothbrush

A brand new pillow 

Avocado designs all natural mattresses and pillows to upgrade anyone’s sleeping situation. This comfy and cool sleeping pillow provides the support needed for any sleeping position. Don’t know how soft or firm someone likes their pillows? Pick up the additional filler packs to stuff pillows to a desired puffiness.

Shop Avocado Green Pillow Today → 

A water pitcher with next level filtration 

You know the Classic LifeStraw? Imagine that technology in the form of an at home pitcher. It’s the only filtering pitcher that protects against bacteria, parasites and micro plastics in addition to reducing chemicals and heavy metals including lead, mercury, chromium III, cadmium and copper.

Shop LifeStraw Home Today →


New pants to lounge in 

Mana Threads Ipanema pants are light and breathable, perfect for post adventure relaxing or just lounging around the house. Available in bright patterns these pants also provide UPF 50+ protection, they are perfect for hot sunny days, and transition easily to chilling in the evening and watching the sunset.

Shop Mana Threads Ipanema Pants Today →

A pair of overalls with a reduced carbon footprint 

The Boyish ‘Kenny’ overalls are perfect to wear while doing projects around the house and can easily transition into fashionable outfit for out and about. We love that they are made of recycled cotton (which significantly reduce their carbon footprint and water usage).

Shop Boyish 'The Kenny' in Midnight Cowboy →


A biodegradable toothbrush that actually looks good on your bathroom counter 

A worn-out toothbrush isn’t doing your mouth any favors. Your dentist recommends a new brush every three months, and Goodwell Co. makes staying on top of your oral hygiene easy. With their Premium Brush Subscription, you get the simplicity of a manual brush, but with a little more polish and a lot less waste. Keep the recycled aluminum handle for life, and twist on the new biodegradable brush head that is delivered to your door every three months for a fresh cleaning.

Shop Goodwell Co Premium Toothbrush Subscription Today  



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