9 Recipes From BioLite's Top Fan in Japan

June 12, 2019
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When it comes to cooking with BioLite gear, there may be no one more experienced than Hiroaki Ichihashi, a BioLite Customer and super fan living in Japan. He’s been cooking over our stoves in the backcountry since the beginning and continues to surprise us with just how creative his recipes are. He’s known for whipping up elaborate desserts on the CampStove, baking complicated bread recipes on his BaseCamp + Pizza Dome, and recreating famous dishes from around the world on his FirePit.

Today, we’re sharing a round up of 9 of our favorite recipe videos he’s made.  Most of which are in both Japanese and English and can easily be recreated to cook on any of our stoves.

Chicken Cacciatore with Summer Vegetables on CampStove 2

Ishihashi's take on this classic Italian dish is prepared with seasonal vegetables and grilled over a wood fire to give it a unique taste that is sure to satisfy after a long day off the grid. 

CampStove 2 Apple Pie

Learn how you can easily whip up a fresh apple pie in the backcountry using a CampStove and a couple of cast iron pans. 

Gyoza Party with CampStove 2

Did it ever cross your mind to make gyoza on your CampStove? Well you can, and it doesn't look too hard. Check out his Gyoza Party video for a quick demo.

Gyoza Party Part 2: Tomato & Basil Gyozas

If you’re looking to have even more fun with gyozas, try frying them - this recipe also adds in some delicious herbs for a updated take on the traditional gyoza.

Thai Cuisine

We love when Ishihasi recreates regional cuisines from around the world and this video of a few Thai staples at his wetland campsite is a particular favorite.

Orange Crepe Suzette on the CampStove 2

A sweet treat that doubles as a delicious breakfast or satisfying dessert. Everyone at the campsite will be fighting over the final bites.


Chicken Two Ways on CampStove 2

Looking to grill some chicken for a big group? Try out these two different recipes that will bring a variety of flavors to your BBQ.

Grilled Miso Dengaku & Nameshi on the FirePit

Miso Dengaku is a miso glazed dish that can feature ingredients such as eggplant, daikon, tofu and konnyaku. Ishihasi fires up his FirePit to grill not only that but make some nameshi (rice with daikon leaves).

Backyard Margherita Pizza on the BaseCamp + PizzaDome

Putting the PizzaDome and BaseCamp to good use recreating an Italian favorite, the wood-fired margherita pizza with home-made dough, cheese, red sauce and basil.


To view even more recipes, visit Ishihashi's YouTube Channel or scroll through the recipe section of our blog.

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