Introducing The Clinic

April 30, 2018
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Hey! Welcome to The Clinic.

Whenever the BioLite team hits the road, we always try to make a stop at a local gear shop to meet with fellow outdoor lovers and talk all things BioLite: from basic product intros to the nitty gritty of combustion science, we’re there to answer questions and share helpful info that helps your gear go even further in its potential. Maybe you’ve been to one? Either from us or another outdoor brand that show up for a day at your local REI, Cabela’s, etc. Store managers often call them clinics.

(See where we're going here?)

Well, after six years and hundreds of in-store clinics under our belts, we thought it was time to go digital and make the info from these events accessible to the entire BioLite Community. This summer, we’re kicking off a series of articles, videos, and even some good ‘ol Facebook Lives to help you master all the ins and outs of your BioLite gear and make the most of any off-grid adventure. In short: it’s news you can use to have a great time outside.

And it won’t just be the BioLite Team talking – we’re bringing in some friends, too: we'll introduce you to industry experts, inspiring brands, and fellow users who will share their own unique experiences, clever hacks, and best practices. We’ll cover everything from how to start a fire to how to pack for your first thru-hike. Some stuff will be super practical (eg calculating your wattage for a trip) and some stuff will be, well, just plain delicious (wait until you see what we can do with some lemon zest). We know everyone’s time outside looks different, and we’re covering all the bases so you feel in total control of your very own energy ecosystem.

And in the spirit of our in-person clinics, we want this to be a conversation – we want to hear from you. What questions do you have about your gear? What advice would you want from the team that built your stove, panel, or light? Imagine we were sitting at your local shop for the day – what would you want to ask?

Your questions will be put to good use: they’ll help us create new guides that are relevant or find stories that you want to see more of. Anytime you have a question that pops into your head, submit it to the database below or give us a shout on social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). We’re here, and we’re listening.

Your Question

Ultimately, we want you to have a great time with your gear – it’s as simple as that.

Stay tuned all summer long as we update weekly. To kick things off, before we get into individual gear, we’re zooming out to get some context – how does your personality affect how you pick your gear?

Read The Clinic, Chapter 1 Now: Who's Your Gear Guide.