What's Your Tailgating Style?

October 12, 2018
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3 Types of Pre-Game Grillers + Gear To Complete Their Cookout

Fall is here and for football fans that means one great thing - it’s time to tailgate.

At BioLite, we are always looking for ways to elevate our next tailgate - securing a louder speaker for pre-game hangouts, building a custom corn hole set to stir up some friendly competition, and most importantly locking down the perfect snack menu.

When it comes to tailgating grub, we’ve all got our own priorities. Some of us go the chips and dip route while others won’t cook up anything but the classics (burgers and brats). Today, we’ve identified three types of chefs you’ll find at tailgates and the gear that best fits their style.

The Social Chef

This is the tailgate organizer. They’re the one who ensures the whole crew has a great time by bringing a fully packed cooler, speaker with curated playlist, plenty of chairs for seating, and even some games. And when it comes to food, they’ve got a grill to make sure everyone gets a warm meal. Game day is all about having fun with their friends and nothing’s worse than getting to the stadium and having to set up their grill away from all the action to avoid filling their tailgate with smoke. (If you’re the friend who always brings along the charcoal grill you’ll know this feeling all too well).

Enter the FirePit - a smokeless wood and charcoal burning grill that can be placed centrally in any tailgate and cooked over from the comfort of a folding chair. Perfect for group grilling, FirePit fits up to 8 burgers or 20 brats at a time. Once the grilling is over, toss a single piece of firewood into the FirePit and just like that you’ll have a smokeless bonfire that everyone can warm up around prior to kick off.

The Elevated Griller

This person’s favorite part of the tailgate is the food. Setting the menu ahead of the game is top priority. They won’t settle for serving plain ol’ hot dogs and set their sights on food that you might not expect to find at a tailgate. With the perfect menu prepped ahead of time, they put just as much thought into the type of grill they’ll bring along, ensuring they get just the right flavor.

With the BaseCamp, this griller can cook up a delicious wood-fired meal without all the smoke. Bringing along the PizzaDome accessory makes cooking at the tailgate a fun, interactive time where everyone can build and cook their own personal pie. But, the PizzaDome isn’t just reserved for pizzas - tailgaters can use it as a lid to cook up wood-fired nachos or trap heat to keep meals warm for those looking to get in on seconds. An added bonus is that the BaseCamp generates up to 5W of electricity that can be used to charge up phones, speakers, iPads, and more.

The Game Time Grill-master

This person’s primary focus during a tailgate? Fuel up quickly so they can focus the majority of their tailgating time making predictions about the upcoming game. Though they are all about efficiency, they still appreciate a tasty, warm meal and would never resort to just serving chips and dip. They are looking for a grill that is quick to set up, easy to light and involves little pack up.

The CampStove 2 with the Portable Grill attachment is our smallest grill option that fits their style perfectly. Its size gives you flexibility when choosing a location to set it up - this grill can be set up on a table, the bed of a truck or the ground. Getting the grill ready for food is as easy as filling it with wood-fuel pellets and lighting some fire starter (when filled with pellets, this grill can run without refueling for about 30-45 minutes which is plenty of time to grill for a big group). After grilling, the CampStove cools down quickly and can be packed into the car with plenty of time for pre-game hangouts.

Stay Lit

No matter what type of chef you are, make sure your station is well lit. Set the BaseLantern XL up on your table to be ready for the shorter days ahead. You’ll not only light up the whole tailgate, but you can use the color controls to make sure you’re repping your team at the same time.

With these gear recommendations and recipes in mind, gather your friends, secure a location, pack up the cooler, and fire up the grills for one epic tailgate. Bringing along one of our smokeless grills that doubles as a charging station is a surefire way to become the MVP at your next tailgate.

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