Why HeadLamp 750 May Just Be “The Last Headlamp You’ll Ever Need.”

September 29, 2020
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Gear experts, Athletes, and Beta Testers Weigh In On BioLite’s New Pro-Level Headlamp.


With the launch of each new product, we look out into the world to see what people are saying about their experience with it. Today, we’ve compiled reviews of our newest pro-level headlamp from professional athletes, expert gear testers, ultra-runners, and more. The consensus? HeadLamp 750 is one feature packed product that does not disappoint, already earning an Editor's Choice from both Popular Mechanics and Trail & Kale. Read on below to see why this light is blowing away the competition:

"It's A Revelation.”

Click here to watch Stephen's in-depth demo and review. Helpful time stamps below.


Stephen Reid is at it again - he released a comprehensive 11 minute video review that includes pretty much everything you’d ever want to know about HeadLamp 750. We’ll let the video speak for itself but if you have any questions about our newest headlamp like what exactly we mean by Constant Mode, how it compares to other BioLite models, or just how bright it really is, give his video a watch.

Here are a few helpful timestamps:

  • 1:21 - Stephen gives a demo cycling through all 8 lighting modes.
  • 2:26 - He offers a quick comparison between HeadLamp 750 and his previously brightest headlamp (which was 360 lumens and over 200g compared to BioLite’s 750 lumens and 150g). “50g difference doesn’t sound like a lot but it makes a big difference when you’re out and about. Especially when you consider weight distribution.”
  • 3:20 - It tilts! Stephen demos just how easy it is to angle HeadLamp 750.
  • 3:39 - This is one of our favorite parts of the video where he explains what constant mode is - definitely worth tuning in.
  • 5:37: He heads out into a pitch dark cave to offer a real time comparison of Headlamp 200 and 750.


HeadLamp 750 Earns Editor's Choice From Popular Mechanics

"BioLite’s new 750 takes the title of most comfortable full-size headlamp. The first thing we noticed when we slipped it on our head was how the wide headband distributed the weight so that there weren’t any irritating pressure points. This also helped it stay put, as we didn’t experience any slipping while we had the 750 on.

When it comes to the electronics, BioLite has baked in some helpful tech, the most noteworthy of which is the Constant Mode. Many headlamps, even if you leave them on the highest setting, will dim after several minutes as your eyes adjust to the light. And the 750 still does that, turning down the power gradually as the battery loses juice, unless you hold a button on the battery pack to turn on Constant Mode. We found it more for peace of mind, knowing that the headlamp wouldn’t subtly dim on us and we could have 500 lumens—or 250 on medium mode or five on low—at our disposal." 


“[HeadLamp 750] is one of those special products that I believe every trail runner and ultra runner needs to keep with them in their hydration pack." ~ Trail & Kale

Alastair, Trail & Kale’s Editor, gives a detailed rundown of all the reasons HeadLamp 750 is a great running companion. He includes his favorite features and “why I ultimately awarded it an Editor’s Choice Award, and rank it as the best headlamp available for the price right now.” Here are a few highlights:

  • Fit: “This relatively light package when combined with a comfortable fit means no bouncing up and down while trail running, and comfort for hours at a time….The headlamp itself only weighs 150g, which is insanely lightweight for a running headlamp in this high-performance class. This makes the whole experience of running with a headlamp through the night, so much more enjoyable.”
  • Pass Thru Charging: "This feature is what ultrarunners like ourselves, and adventure racers have been dreaming of. It allows extreme extended battery life by allowing for a connection, via the included 3ft ‘run-forever’ usb cable, to a portable power bank, like the one you may already use for your smart phone, for example."

HeadLamp 750 In Action: What Beta Testers Are Saying


Chris Brinlee Jr.
Tested while free-soloing the North Arete of Matterhorn Peak; the East Gully of Mount Laurel; the North Ridge of Mount Conness in the Sierras.

Chris running with Headlamp750
Close up Headlamp 750 test

“When tackling technical objectives, oftentimes route-finding on approach in the dark to get to the start can be the crux of the mission; and I oftentimes find myself wishing for more lumens and more range out of my headlamp. But not anymore...HeadLamp 750--which pumps out as many lumens as its name implies. It's bright. Real bright. And its beam casts far and wide, giving the confidence and ability to route-find when the sun is no longer out to play though you still are. The (USB-rechargeable) battery on this thing is quite-literally its biggest feature; it can run up to 150 hours on low (5 lumens) or 7 hours on high (500 lumens) with a 750 lumen burst mode for when making those critical route-finding decisions. Despite the battery's size, however, it remains relatively light....If you need lots of light, and for longer (think, 50+ mile runs through the night) the 750 has pass-through charging and a run-forever cable, which can connect to an external battery pack in your vest so YOU can keep charging alllll night long.”


Emmeline Wang
Tested during multi-day climbing trips across Utah.

“When I’m climbing or meandering around the campsite, bright lighting is essential, and I swear by BioLite’s Headlamp 750. Its 3D SlimFit Construction is awesome, so I never have to worry about my headlamp slipping or bouncing around on my helmet while romping on the rocks or cooking at basecamp. With 8 different light settings, this headlamp is the last one you’ll need.


Christin Healey
Tested on multiple backpacking and climbing trips across Colorado.

"HeadLamp 750 takes all the different features I look for in a headlamp and combines them into one perfect piece of gear. It has a long battery life, is bright enough for navigating technical terrain even in the darkest alpine starts, is SO comfortable, and easily rechargeable. You can adjust the brightness as well, so only use the highest gear when you need it the most. This is my new go-to piece of gear for anything from car camping to multi-day climbing trips in wilderness areas." 

How Does it Stack Up: Comparing HeadLamp 750 to the 330 & 200


Can I use HeadLamp 750 in the rain?

Yes. You can do pretty much anything except swim with it (aka don't submerge it under water).

What is Constant Mode?

Most headlamps auto-regulate lumens to conserve battery life, quietly dimming over time as your eye adjusts to darkness. This works out efficiently in a lot of cases, but shouldn’t be the only mode available for dealing with technical terrain or pitch darkness. Constant Mode puts you in complete control of your lumens, enabling you to set a steady level of brightness that will not dim – unless you tell it to, of course.

Can the red setting dim? 

Yup, all 8 lighting modes on the HeadLamp 750 are dimmable.

How long does it take to charge the HeadLamp 750?

HeadLamp 750 charges to full in approximately 2.5 hours.

How do I clean the headlamp?

The headband of HeadLamp can be hand-washed with a mild detergent or dishsoap and water. We recommend dampening a sponge and wiping down the inside of the band.

Does HeadLamp 750 Have A Low Power Warning?

Yup, plus it has 8 hours of Reserve Mode. Your first heads up to low power will be the Pre-Reserve Warning: your light will drop to 100 lumens and will flash 4 times every minute for ten minutes. This indicates you are heading towards reserve mode. After 10 minutes, your headlamp will move to Reserve Mode and will provide 5 lumens on spot, flood, or strobe for an additional 8 hours. (Alternatively, it can also provide 0.2 lumens of red flood for 8 hours as well.)


Try HeadLamp 750 for yourself with our HolyFit Guarantee

Use Headlamp 750 for up to 30 days and if you don't love it, we'll take it back for a refund. Visit the product page below for reviews, specs, and more.

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