Welcome to the new BioLiteStove.Com

February 06, 2015

Did you come to the site expecting to see something more like this?


Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the new BioLite website.

Over the past year, the BioLite team has been working on building a new place to call home – digitally, that is. We set out to create an experience that was engaging, fun, but most of all, helpful to our visitors in getting them the information they want to learn about our products, our mission, and our vision for Energy Everywhere. We’re proud to announce a couple key improvements that we’re excited for you to explore for yourself:

  1. A brand new product shop and checkout. Clean layout, easy to use, and it works great on mobile (we’re really excited about that part).
  2. In-depth product pages, including more photographs, expanded tech specs, and in-page reviews from fellow users.
  3. A better destination for BioLite content: The Lab. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we agree. The Lab is BioLite’s new blog, sharing news, user stories, special features, and other content in a highly visual format. We find ourselves spending a lot of time on this page.
  4. More information on our work in emerging markets. At BioLite, we are committed to developing products and building market solutions that alleviate energy poverty. On our new website, we’ve created multiple touchpoints for you to track the progress of our programs as well as learn about how your own purchase has a direct impact on clean cooking and energy access for communities that need it most.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the main sections to try out:

The Nav Bar


We’ve simplified our nav bar. The Shop button is pretty self-explanatory, but click on Mission and that will take you over to a beautiful new page that talks about our work in emerging markets, and explains why energy poverty is such a big issue. As mentioned above, The Lab is our new blog that allows you to explore and pick your favorite stories visually. Oh, and that little circle with a cart on the right? That’s your shopping cart and you can check in on it any time with the click of a button (more on that later).


The Top of the HomePage

4 lead stories from BioLite, rotating on the regular. Click on a thumbnail to see what’s new.


Shop Page

New layout with filters that help you find what you want quickly. Click through to get to an in-depth product page, or click on the cart button to add the item to your checkout.


Product Pages

Big, bold, photos, a Features area that not only tells you what’s great about the product but shows you, and a new section called Inside The Tech: this visually breaks down and explains the unique technology and design happening in each core BioLite product. Scroll down a bit further and you’ll see a blue bar called Parallel Innovation – click on that and you’ll see how that same technology is being implemented in emerging markets to bring energy access to off-grid families in India and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Pop Out Cart

Want to see what’s in your cart? Click on the icon in the top right of your navigation bar and voila! Your cart appears on the side, keeping you on your current page, but giving you a complete view into what you’ve reserved.


Mission Page

We are really excited to share this page with you. It features an impact tracker, that will update regularly when new field reports come in so you can follow us through the year on the progress being made in our programs. But before we even get into solutions, we felt it was really important to help visitors understand the gravity of the problem we have set out to address. Check out the rest of the mission page to learn about just how widespread energy poverty is and the impact it has on health, climate, and economics.


About Us & Team

Who are these crazy people making wood-burning stoves? It’s time to meet them! We have an incredibly hard working team here at BioLite and we had fun giving them a small exercise to choose their best trip, hike, adventure, or BioLite meal to share with the rest of the world. A great little peek into the minds that fill our office. You’ll find this on our About Us page.


Contact Us

The ever-glamorous Contact Us page. Why are we highlighting it here? Because it comes with a new and improved Contact Form that will help us get you faster response times by sending the message to the right department.

There are several other great new pages on the site, such as an improved Product Manual & Instruction Video section (perfect for those of us who accidentally threw our manual out), a refreshed FAQ section, and a Press & Media page that features some of the latest buzz about BioLite.

But enough explaining – go get exploring! And we’d love to hear from you. If you have any comments about your experience on the new site, please give us a shout. We greatly value and appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for your continued support. We hope you enjoy the new site.


The BioLite Team