The Super Bowl of the Future

January 30, 2015
After a week of walking the halls of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), it got us thinking about how this tech might make its way into the future. And as we get ready for Super Bowl XLIX, it made us realize how much tech touches this epic annual event: cooking, watching, and communicating. It all goes down on Super Bowl Sunday in massive volumes. So it got us thinking - what is Super Bowl 75 going to look like? 100? The bottom line is that technology is changing at a whirlwind speed, and new gadgets will change how we experience everything from driving to watching to cooking to sharing. The follow are some of our predictions on how tech will be a major game changer:

1) No more game day traffic - because you won't be driving :

photo credit: Gizmodo

Ok - so no flying cars this year, but this just might be the next best thing - self parking cars. Yes, there might be a time in the not so distant future where your car will drop you off at the entrance and then go waste an hour battling other cars in search of a parking spot. The BMW i3, along with Hyundai and Volkswagen, all presented cars that could park and pickup you and your passengers themselves, all prompted by your command through a smart phone or watch. You’re probably not Bill Bilichik, but you can pretend to be by barking plays into your smart watch.

2) Prepping for a feast will be a breeze because your fridge will tell you what it needs before you need it:

Smart Fridge at Consumer Electronics Show

photo credit: Bosch

Your smart fridge will give the info you need to make fewer runs to the super market. The Bosch Home Connect fridge snaps photos of your food in stock and sends them to your phone, so you’ll know exactly how many bags of shredded cheese to pick up when you’re buying supplies for nachos. 

3) Your TV won't be mounted on the wall - it will be the wall...:


photo credit: CNET

If you think your TV is big enough now, it's safe to assume it will be a wall in the future. Samsung has once again raised the bar for TV quality with quantum dot technology (the dots are actually really, really small crystals that can achieve brighter images and a wider color spread than conventional LED-backlight technology). And we thought HD was close enough, wait until we can watch the Super Bowl on a crystal wall.

4) ...And the TV is going to watch you back:

ooVoo, currently a video conferencing startup, is developing technology that reads viewers' facial expressions with the aim of recommending content or providing feedback to the network. Now the networks will actually listen when you and your friends vote for the best commercial as they play.

5) You can already hear what they say; soon you’ll see what they see:

 photo credit: 94Fifty
Motorola partnered with the NFL 13 years ago, and allowed us to listen in to the brains behind the plays. But soon we'll be able to see what the players are seeing. On top of that, we’ll have access to a huge amount of information such as ball speed, heart rate, or the angle of a throwing arm with the 94Fifty Smart Sensor that grabs real-time motion analysis when paired with Google Glass, already being beta tested in the NBA. It's just a matter of time before its common across all sports. Things are going to get real personal, in real time. 

6) No more losing the remote between the cushions, it’ll be in your pocket or on your wrist and it will control much than the TV:

 photo credit: CNET

Watches everywhere. Well, drones too, but no watches controlling drones as far as we could tell. Wearables are going to break into our daily life very soon in the form of fitness trackers, watches and connected clothing. It’s all a part of the internet of things - putting control at our fingertips of our ecosystem of connected devices, whether that’s thermostats, speakers, televisions, or cars. Just tell your watch to adjust the game’s volume, change the lights or music, park your car, and measure your heart rate compared to the players. 

6) The fire from your tailgate will be turned into usable electricity

Wait, hold on... nevermind. We took care of that.


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