Farewell, Winter: BioLite Goes Off-Grid in New Hampshire

March 13, 2015
When people ask where BioLite is headquartered and we respond "Brooklyn," we're frequently met with raised eyebrows and even the occasional scoff.

Yes, we may not be climbing mountains here in Brooklyn (but we are climbing rock walls!), but the whole team makes a point of it to get outdoors as much as we can and put ourselves, and our products, to the test.

Three weeks ago, the team packed into three cars and headed up north - way north- to Hanover, New Hampshire where we hiked a half a mile in to an off-grid cabin surrounded by trees and snow.  Armed with two pot belly stoves, a fireplace, and a backpack full of NanoGrids and KettleCharges, our goal was to make it through the weekend and have a little bit of fun along the way. 

Sub zero temperatures were no match for the team's expert layering abilities and our love for fresh snow. One third of the team went cross country skiing, one third skinned up a heavily gladed mountain for daredevil backcountry skiing, and the other third went snow-shoeing and set up target practice for our annual air rifle competition. At the end of each sunny day, we all came back together, huddled in front of the fire, and swapped stories on who had the best adventure of the day (skiing over a frozen waterfall vs. 4 foot deep snow angels - you decide). 

As the sun went down, we channeled our inner turn-of-the-century explorer and turned on the gas lamps that dimly lit the cabin. We melted snow in our KettleCharges and used that to boil tea and water for cleaning dishes all while providing a charge to the PowerLights that were the real star of the show. PowerLights were the MVP of the trip: they lit the trail to the outhouse (yes, there was an outhouse), they brightened our dining table so we could see each other (and our food), and they were the perfect light source for searching for that extra clutch sweatshirt in the middle of the night without waking up your neighbor. And even when some of our smartphones died, not because of the battery but because of the -15 temps, the NanoGrid was still going strong, ready to charge or light at a moment's notice. 

Stay tuned for the team's next trip coming this spring, where CampStove and BaseCamp will be making a special appearance.

How did you wrap up this winter? Send us your photos and you could be featured in a final farewell to this chilly season.