Take a Tour: BioLite’s Off Grid Office

August 19, 2015

BioLite’s newest workspace in the great outdoors

We’re in the business of helping people live safe, productive, and connected lives off grid. So getting outside and away from the grid on a regular basis is in an important way for us to stay connected to our users and focused on our mission of bringing Energy Everywhere.

A Change of Scenery

“Whenever we spend time with customers, be it in emerging markets or at a campsite, we return with observations that even the best brainstorms couldn’t imagine,” says our Director of Design, Anton. By creating a similar experience the team can access regularly, we’ll gain a unique perspective into the every day challenges of energy-intensive tasks that we tend to take for granted.


“We built a space that enables us to lead the lives we do in the office but under a different context, so we can connect with the people we create products for,” says Monte, BioLite’s Director of Engineering. “We’ll be cooking, charging, lighting, and communicating – but with constraints that make us think twice about the tools we choose and how we use our resources.”

X Marks The Spot

No electrical cords, no light pollution, just 10 acres completely off the grid.

The land surrounding our site is situated equal distance from the Catskills, Southern Adirondacks and Berkshires. Our new space is powered solely by alternative energy sources including solar panels and BioLite products (both from our existing line and new prototypes we are currently testing). Thanks to Elizabeth and Mettabee Farm for graciously hosting us on their beautiful property.

The Build Out

DIYers to our core, we designed and built the lab using our off grid site check list:

  • 10 acres of land
  • 3 days to complete the build
  • 15 team members
  • One 14' x 16' tent
  • 4 solar panels outputting a total of 400W
  • 5 CampStoves
  • 3 BaseCamps
  • 10 NanoGrid Systems
  • 5 prototypes to test (Top Secret - more to come on these)

Day one of the build out.

We’ll be sleeping, working, and testing under a single 14' x 16' tent

The Test Run: Off Grid Weekend

After months of planning and three days of construction, the site is ready to host the team. We’re headed up there this weekend, keep an eye out for #OffGridWeekend updates to see how we fared.

An office with a view.

Last chance to take the Off Grid Weekend Pledge. Join the global community and share your adventures by tagging #OffGridWeekend.