Meet the FirePit 10,000 People Are Raving About

April 23, 2019
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Fire is one of our oldest tools. The glow, the warmth, the smell, it hits on something inside all of us. We love to be around it, yet it always seems to come with this annoying sidekick – smoke.

What if you could enjoy everything about a wood fire without all the smoke? With the new BioLite FirePit you can. It’s a smokeless wood-burning device that cooks your meals and gives you a front-row seat to everything going on inside your fire.

Here are 6 reasons people are raving about this fire pit:

1. It's actually smokeless. 

Using improved combustion technology, the BioLite FirePit burns wood  more efficiently than a normal campfire. Once you press the power button, the fan injects the fire with oxygen along key locations. To be exact, there 51 airjets inside this bad boy. This creates a more uniform temperature and efficient burn with way less smoke than a conventional fire pit.

“We live where houses are right next to each other, no driveways, and this is perfect for hanging out in the backyard. The air jets work exactly as advertised, eliminated smoke and helped burn everything down to ash.” ~ Kyle.

"Best campfires we've ever had. Start up is so much easier, and once started it gives almost no smoke.” ~ Chris.

2. It's easy to start. 

With dual fuel capability, use quick light charcoal to get a nice coal bed for grilling or start a wood fire easily with the help of the fan to get things roaring in just a few minutes.

"It is great how quickly you can get the fire going with little effort, and my wife loves that we can keep the screen doors open and not have the house smell like smoke." ~ Reid.

"It starts much easier than any traditional fire. I use paper and logs, no kindling." ~ JR.

"The fire was almost too easy to get started, and gave off a good amount of heat with just two pieces of wood." ~ Matthew.

3. You can bring it with you almost anywhere.

Weighing in at 19 pounds, this FirePit weighs the same as a fully loaded Yeti cooler. With the solar-powered Carry Cover, transporting the FirePit from your house to a beach picnic or tailgate is a no-brainer.

"It is perfect for tailgating, surf trips, beach days and pretty much any glamping trip." ~ Michael.

"I needed a small packable fire pit for camping and over-landing. This fits the bill perfectly." ~ Randy.

"Designed very well. Folds very compact and doesn’t occupy much space in the car." ~ Saibal.

4. It doubles as a Hibachi grill. 

Use charcoal or wood to grill up tasty meals using the included grill grate. Our favorite part? Hot dog bumpers mean your food won’t go flying. Check out our blog for some of our favorite recipes.

"This is an excellent BBQ - you can cook anything on it." ~ O.P.

"Everything is well-thought-out and well-made. For example, the grill rack slides off to one side, so you can baste your food without getting too hot, and the rack has a stopper so it doesn't fall off." ~ Scouter.

"A must if you like to camp cook/bbq meals and have a mini portable camp fire for sunset." ~ Mike.

5. You can see what’s going on inside your fire.

360 degree mesh throughout the FirePit’s body allows you to get a front row seat to what’s happening inside your fire from the embers burning at the bottom to the smokeless flames rising through the top.

"Easy to use, fun to sit around, and the easiest fire I've ever lit. Thanks for pairing technology with an elegant fire pit. I didn't know sitting around a camp fire could get better - and now it is." ~ Susan.

"Last night I used our new FirePit for the first time during a family gathering at our home. And I was amazed what happened next. Suddenly the kids put their phones away, sat around the fire and we talked late into the night." ~ Jason.

"Fire starts easily and burns wonderfully. Helped create a wonderful atmosphere at events and in the backyard." ~ Otto.

6. You can control the flames using your phone.

Download the free App for Android or iOS and control your flames using BlueTooth Integration.

"The iPhone app installed and works flawlessly." ~ Justin.

"We didn’t think we would use the remote phone app, but it’s ease of use won us over." ~ Kim.

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