PowerLight Bundle Roundup: Reviews, Buzz, and Videos

March 15, 2015

It's been one month since the launch of the BioLite PowerLight Bundle and things are off to a busy start: here's a quick review of some of the buzz across the web from both users and press alike:

What Fellow Customers Have to Say
Watch WildernessWays Light Up a Room

Avid YouTuber WildernessWays did a in-depth 17 minute review of the BioLite PowerLight Bundle, walking through all of the features step-by step. If you only have a few minutes to spare, we recommend starting at the 13:00 mark where he shows you how the PowerLight + SiteLight combo can successfully light up an entire room, making it a great choice for power outages. 

PowerLight Bundle Powers Up in Nova Scotia

Shawn picked up the PowerLight Bundle on Friday and immediately took it on a camping adventure over the weekend in Nova Scotia - you can check out his full gear review here.

Winter Camping with PowerLight Bundle and a Hammock

Chris and Kirstyn took their new PowerLight Bundle for some cold weather camping in Teanaway Valley, Washington. In their case, "cold-weather camping" may be a bit of an understatement. See how the PowerLight Bundle kept a warm glow on their site despite sub-freezing temperatures.

BioLite PowerLight Bundle Review
What the Press Has To Say
WIRED - "Killer CampSite Ambience"

Wired first discovered the BioLite PowerLight Bundle at CES and quickly followed up for a 1-on-1 interview with BioLite Co-founder and CEO Jonathan Cedar. 

BioLite PowerLight Bundle Review 2
Gizmodo - "Substantial value and an incredible level of usefulness"

Indefinitely Wild, a new outdoor vertical from the Gawker media empire, wrote an in-depth analysis of the PowerLight Bundle and how its compact design and multi-purpose applications save both money and pack space for potential users.  

"Perhaps the PowerLight Bundle's greatest strength is its multi-purpose design. The key to simplifying and lightening your load for any outdoor activity is to require that any item you pack solve multiple problems. And, with the PowerLight Bundle, BioLite is solving all your outdoor lighting needs with the additional ability to charge your gadgets, all in a friendly package roughly the same size and weight as a portable battery pack alone. That's a big win in my book."
-Wes Siler, Indefinitely Wild

Technical.ly - "The first product to be offered by BioLite that is being sold in both the developing and industrialized parts of the world."

Brady Dale spoke with our Director of Design in an exclusive interview about the design origins of the PowerLight Bundle and how lighting is a crucial form of energy that helps create a sense of space and place for families and businesses in emerging markets.

BioLite PowerLight Bundle - In Kenya
BioLite PowerLight Bundle - In Kenya 2

Have you taken the PowerLight Bundle out for a spin? Leave a review and help out fellow users! You can also share stories, photos, and feedback with us at support@biolitestove.com.