2019 Gift Guide Roundup

December 02, 2019
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It’s hard to believe the holidays are only a couple of weeks away - to be honest most of us at BioLite just started shopping for gifts.

To kickstart everyone’s shopping, we pulled together a list of top gifts this holiday season. We hope it makes shopping for your loved ones that much easier.

Best Gifts for the Outdoorsman


FirePit Climate Neutral Edition ($199.95)

"Thanks to the vortex created by its Bluetooth-controlled fan, BioLite’s FirePit is so smokeless you could almost light it indoors. BioLite strongly discourages your doing so, but it’s good peace of mind for those who fear a faceful of campfire smoke." ~ Business Insider's Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers.

PowerLight Mini ($39.95)

"This versatile light will improve any adventurer’s kit. Its 135 lumens provide just enough brightness, you can charge your phone off its battery, and flashing white and red modes—in combination with the included bike mount—make it great for commuting, too." ~ Popular Mechanics' Best Outdoor Gifts for the Adventurer in Your Life.

HeadLamp 330 ($49.95)

"This no-bounce rechargeable headlight is light and sleek with moisture-wicking fabric on the band to keep you cool and dry. “The HeadLamp 330 is great for all adventures, or even an early morning run,” says 10Best Local Expert Corinne Whiting." ~ USA Today's 10 Best Gifts for the Adventurer on Your List.

BaseLantern XL ($129.95)

"Now the power is in your hands: With its whopping 12,000 mAh battery, the BaseLantern XL can charge an average cell phone about four times. Eight white LEDs put out a peak 500 lumens of light, and you can control its color-changing lantern via bluetooth." ~ Backpacker's 40 Best Gifts for Backpackers. 

Best Gifts for Tech Lovers

CampStove 2 ($129.95)

"Because roughing it is all fun and games until your phone dies and you can’t ‘gram your s'mores, this compact camp stove provides you with an open flame and charges your devices at the same time." ~ GQ's Gift Ideas for Dads, Husbands, and Brothers.

FirePit ($199.95)

"This portable (under 20 pounds), easy-to-clean device integrates a fan to help you both quickly get a fire going and maintain the heat level you want, all controlled via an app on your smartphone. (The battery charging that fan runs for up to 26 hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to get warm.)" ~ Fortune's Best Tech Gifts 2019.

Best Gifts for Runners

HeadLamp 330 ($49.95)

"I've been using the BioLite HeadLamp for my early-morning runs and love how bright and comfortable it is. As weird as it might sound as a present ("wow . . . a headlamp . . . thank you"), runners love the gifts of 1) safety and 2) the ability to see more than a foot in front of them during late-night or early-morning runs." ~ Pop Sugar's 11 Running Gifts I Want to Keep For Myself.

The Editors at Runner’s World agree, “The headband, made from a performance Lycra that won’t rub or irritate, was one of the most comfortable we’ve ever worn."

HeadLamp 330 even made the Wired 2019 Holiday Wishlist. “At almost 40 hours per charge, with four lighting modes and a max output of 330 lumens, it brightens the scene during nighttime runs, hikes, or dog walks.”

Best Eco-Friendly Gifts


SolarHome 620 ($149.95)

"Going off the grid gets a little easier with the BioLite SolarHome 620 kit. It includes a solar panel, three overhead lights, wall-mounted light switches and a control box that also acts as a radio and gadget charger. The system could be used to bring light to a cabin or camper, or act as a backup system in case of a power outage." ~ CNET's Best Eco-Friendly Gifts This Year. 

FirePit Climate Neutral Edition ($199.95)

"A limited-edition black-and-blue take on BioLite’s FirePit, the Climate Neutral edition boasts all the same beloved features — including the ability to burn either wood or charcoal with virtually no smoke at all. It also serves as an ad-hoc campfire, transforms into a hibachi grill, and even boasts an onboard battery that transforms fire energy into electricity for your high-tech camping gadgets." Plus, 10% of each purchase goes directly to support Climate Neutral. ~ HiConsumption's 2019 Holiday Gift Wishlist.

Best Gifts Under $50

SunLight ($24.95)

"Who doesn’t love anything solar powered? From the geniuses at BioLite comes the pocket-sized SunLight portable lamp is such cool little gadget for people who love camping, hiking, outdoor picnics … the list goes on for the uses of this powerful little guy. It’ll charge fully in sunlight in 7 hours, or you can opt to charge at home in 2 hours via USB. It’s dimmable (with red, blue, green, and white color options to set the mood), as well as water resistant. For the outdoorsy person that doesn’t necessarily like to go inside after the sun goes down, you can’t go wrong with the SunLight. (We’re guessing that you can already think of several people in your life that this gift would be perfect for.)" ~ Adventure Sports Network's Best Gifts Under $50.

HeadLamp 330 ($49.95)

"BioLite's headlamps weigh a feathery 2.4 ounces and fits flush against the forehead so it bounces around less when you're moving. The headband is a moisture-wicking synthetic fabric, and there's a flood lens (100 lumens) and a spot lens (230 lumens)." ~ Wired's 41 Best Gifts Under $50. 

Still looking for gifts?

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