Energy For Ukraine

January 04, 2023
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BioLite Energy and Ukraine: Your Purchase Drives Impact

When you make a purchase on now through January 15th, 15% of the sale will be redirected towards critical energy supplies in Ukraine - helping get BioLite products into the hands of those without light, power, and warmth at this time.

How It Works - And Why Local Partners Are So Critical

Over the past ten months, our local retail partners in Ukraine unexpectedly turned into relief partners, using their networks and connections to deliver equipment to those in need. What started as smaller, one-off shipments has now evolved into a larger scale operation, enabling us to engage the BioLite community as we collectively seek larger volumes of gear to distribute.

To those who have been asking for ways to get involved, thank you for your support – and for your patience. Effective distribution is at the core of BioLite’s impact work: products are only helpful if it gets into the hands of the people who need it. Sounds simple enough, but many rapid response efforts result in items collecting dust in a warehouse and we didn’t want that to happen. We are immensely grateful to our partners in the region for navigating the intricacies required to deliver gear safely and effectively. By pairing the broader BioLite community’s desire to help with confirmed logistics on the ground, we are now able to match intent with impact. 

Energy On The Ground: What's In Use Right Now

As of the end of 2022, hundreds of BioLite products have successfully been delivered to Ukraine. Items most requested are:

  • HeadLamps - hands-free light providing assistance when cooking, moving, and working in the darker hours of winter
  • SolarPanels - allow for charging of electronics when the grid is down
  • CampStoves - combination of providing heat for warmth, fire for cooking over, and power for charging smaller electronics like phones and radios
  • Charge Series power banks - useful for storing energy from SolarPanels for nighttime charging and consistent power on Pro model HeadLamps for longer nights
  • AlpenGlow lanterns - provide light for individual and group use when cooking, working, and maintaining nighttime entertainment

As a reminder, 15% of every sale at the BioLite Shop will go towards future gear purchases based on requests from our partners who have the real-world experience and feedback from their contacts to determine what is needed most at this time.


Thank you to all who have reached out with the hopes of supporting - your care and drive continues to inspire us.