4 Emergency Energy Combos: Which One Is Right For You?

September 09, 2021

September is Preparedness Month and BioLite is offering a limited time opportunity to build your very own Emergency Energy Kit: mix-and-match [4] or more qualifying items from the Shop and we'll take 10% off automatically.

Not sure where to start? We've got you covered. Below are four recommended combinations from the BioLite Team to help you think through some pairings that might work best for you. Let's dive in:

The Apartment Combo

Shop The Apartment Combo

AlpenGlow 500 | HeadLamp 330 | Charge 80 PD | SolarPanel 10+
Streamlined solution for when square footage and storage are at a premium.
  • AlpenGlow 500 can light up your living room, give you a quick charge to your phones, and may even help you relax with its mesmerizing color rotations.
  • HeadLamp 330 helps keep your hands free when working on your breaker box or digging through cupboards or drawers.
  • Charge 80 PD will get you a full charge into your standard 13” laptop or a top off charge to your phone.
  • SolarPanel 10+ on board 3,200mAh battery can charge up during the day and keep you powered at night

The Home Combo

Shop The Home Combo

SolarHome 620+ | (2) HeadLamp 200 | Charge 20 PD | Charge 80 PD
A step up in supporting more rooms, more people, more devices
  • SolarHome 620 can easily set up on picture frame nails or coat hooks already on the wall, and ultra-lightweight lights can go along curtain rods, banisters, and other existing structures making setup super easy and semi-permanent.
  • HeadLamp 200's smooth band makes it easy to lean back and relax with a book
  • Charge 20 PD can help recharge your headlamps and other small devices like Hot Spots or phones
  • Charge 80 PD will help to keep your tablets and other larger devices charged


The Family Combo

Shop The Family Combo

SolarHome 620+ | AlpenGlow 500 | (2) AlpenGlow 250 | HeadLamp 330 | Charge 20, 40, and 80 PD

Smart picks for adults and kiddos alike

  • SolarHome 620+'s included FM radio can keep you up to date on news or pass the time with your favorite music station.
  • AlpenGlow 250 & 500 are safe alternatives to candles and especially ideal for those that may have young ones running around the house.
  • HeadLamp 330 is great for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Need to check on something outside in the dark? It can do that. Need to dim it down and check the basement breaker box? It can do that.
  • A battery for everybody: Charge 20 to keep smartphones humming, Charge 40 to keep iPads (and kids' movies) running, and Charge 80 to keep your laptop topped up so you don't miss a beat.


The Go-Bag Combo

Shop The Go-Bag Combo

Charge 20 PD | SolarPanel 5+ | SunLight 100 | HeadLamp 750

For when mobility is key

  • Charge 20 PD will get you another 1.5 charges to your smartphone and takes up almost no space in your go bag.
  • SolarPanel 5+ slides easily into laptop sleeves in a backpack and the 360 kickstand means you can position and power up wherever you might be.
  • SunLight 100 is our portable light with an integrated solar panel on the back to have a fully sustainable lighting system.
  • HeadLamp 750's front and rear light give it double duty as a bike light for anyone on to go and the pass-thru charging means you can connect to Charge 20 and extend your real-time runtimes by several hours – helpful if you're trying to power through a long night.

Bonus: All of this gear works for camping, too. One of the best ways to be prepared is to be familiar with the gear in your kit. By utilizing items that you can also use for camping, overlanding, or hiking, this gives you a chance to become an expert on setup, operations, and energy conservation. Whatever your emergency needs may be, you can save today by building you own custom combo at the BioLite Shop: add [4] or more qualifying items to your cart and we'll knock 10% off, no code required.

Stay safe out there.