A Prepper Unboxes a BioLite Emergency Kit. Here's What He Had to Say.

September 16, 2019
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Experts in the unexpected weigh in on how our kits do in the real world.

The middle of the night. A Colorado monsoon. Off-grid in Montana. An apartment in New York City.

These are just a few of the conditions where BioLite's 2019 Emergency Kits have been put to the test by a community of emergency experts. With seasoned survivalists, homesteaders, preppers, and wilderness professionals all trying these out in their own preparedness scenarios, these kits have been put through the ringer.

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“You Need This [Kit] Yesterday” ~ Survival Cache

Emergency Kit at Off Grid Cabin
SolarHome 620 set up in off grid scenario

A seasoned prepper put each component inside the Apartment Edition to the test during a recent visit to his off grid cabin. The result? He considers it essential for emergencies. Visit his blog for a detailed review of the kit and for an in-depth feature on his favorite product, the SolarHome 620:

“There are many other solar panel/controller/battery/lighting combinations possible if you want to assemble and match the components yourself. But the BioLite SolarHome 620 begs the question, “Why bother?” If your solar needs require portability, simplicity and efficiency... SolarHome 620 should be your first choice...Better yet, get the whole BioLite Prep Bundle and meet all your needs.”

“I’ve used this gear every day for the past two years.” ~ Brian, Colorado Backcountry Adventures

Brian lives off grid full time and has been using various pieces of gear that show up in our prep kits to light and power his life for the past couple of years. In this 5 minute review, he walks through his favorite gear setups and how you can use the kits inside your home when you don’t have access to the grid. One of his favorite parts of the kit when it comes to being prepared? “The [SolarHome 620] radio is really nice this time of year so I can tune in to get information on any local stuff going on and any weather information.” Follow his channel for more updates all month long.

“I've got my system charged up & stored for any emergency that might come along."~ Tim, Everyday Tactical Vids

Tim of Everyday Tactical Vids reviews a lot of gear through the lens of prep and survival, over the past two months he’s been testing each of our Emergency Kits and so far, everything is working just as he hoped. After reviewing the kits, he charged them up and put the gear in his go bag so everything’s ready to go in case disaster strikes.

Helpful timestamps from Tim's Review:

  • Visit 13:10 to see how Tim sets up the SolarHome 620 throughout his home and how quickly it turns a pitch dark home into a brightly lit and inviting space.  
  • At 16:30, Tim cycles through each of the HeadLamp modes in his backyard during the middle of the night. “I really like this light, it’s really compact and yet a lot of light for such a tiny headlamp.”

Tim’s favorite parts about the Family Kit:

  • “There are multiple ways to charge up the SolarHome 620 - you can use a Solar Panel or AC adaptor...it’s great to have both options.”
  • “HeadLamp, SunLight, and SolarHome are so easily recharged.”
  • When it comes to Party Mode on the SunLight, "it’s totally underrated to have a little something to entertain and distract kids from a tough situation.”

“[The Apartment Kit] is an outstanding deal & a stellar performer, worthy of your attention.” ~ Drew, SHTF BLOG

Closeup sunlight
Testing SolarHome 620 off the grid

Drew may not be so sure about every piece of solar powered equipment he encounters, but he is pretty confident in the kit we pulled together.

“BioLite really did their homework when putting the pieces of this kit together. The BioLite Apartment Bundle is a ready-to-go, turn-key solution to someone who wants to get their feet wet in the solar-driven world, or wants to be able to buy a ready-made kit and say to themselves, “Cool, solar is checked off and I have illumination and charging capabilities ready to go.” The sum of the Apartment Kit parts is indeed a package of thought-out products combined to provide a small dwelling (stationary or mobile) with off-the-grid light, power, and tunes. It’s an outstanding deal and a stellar performer, worthy of your attention.”

Looking for reviews from everyday customers? Check out the SolarHome 620's page for up-to-date reviews on how people are using this microgrid for emergencies and life away from an outlet.

Looking for even more detail on our limited-edition Kits? Check out their pages in the "Shop Products From This Article" section for detailed spec information, photos, and overview videos.

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