Review Roundup: SunLight

March 02, 2018

Just a few weeks into the launch of SunLight and it seems like we aren't the only ones excited to take this little lantern out on our adventures. Take a look through the buzz below to get an outsider’s perspective.

SunLight In The News
Gear Patrol
Kind of Obsessed: This Tiny Square Lantern Just Earned a Permanent Spot in My Camping Pack

“I got my hands on BioLite’s newest lantern, the SunLight, as soon as I could. It’s a mashed-up middle ground between its two predecessors: the SunLight comes with a handy kickstand that now sports a clip that can be used to hang it from a cord and it offers two colorful light modes in addition to its dimmable white light setting. It’s a lighter, smaller — roughly 3.5-inch by 3.5-inch — square that fits into the top of my pack a little more neatly than its chunkier sibling. BioLite’s rectangular light shapes threw me when I first saw them, but they really do make packing effortless. Show me a fully-packed bag, and I’ll find a way to sneak a SunLight in there.”

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BioLite SunLight: Your New Go-To Solar Lantern

“BioLite’s SunLight is by no means their first foray into lighting or solar, but it is their most universal, and may be the most elegant solar lantern execution so far.”

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The BioLite SunLight is a solar-powered lantern for your campsite

“Campers, backpackers, and travelers looking for a handy little light to take with them on their next adventure will want to take a look at the latest offering from BioLite. The company that created a camping stove that can recharge your phone and a smokeless fire pit has now introduced a compact, lightweight, and efficient lantern that can recharge itself using just the light from the sun.”

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Meet Your Next Camp Lantern: The Solar-Powered, Extremely Portable BioLite SunLight

“After bringing outdoor enthusiasts a fire-powered camp kettle, USB charger, and pizza oven, BioLite has fixed its sights upon harnessing the power of the sun. If you needed any more reason to begin planning your spring break backpacking trip, the new BioLite SunLight will illuminate new possibilities. (Pun fully intended.) This solar-powered outdoor lantern lightens your load (again, pun intended) by making batteries and extra bulbs a thing of the past. Just drop the 3.5-oz SunLight in your pack and you’ve got everything you need for five night-hikes in a row, plus a dance party afterward.”

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