Introducing Big Power From BioLite: Meet BaseCharge

Introducing Big Power From BioLite: Meet BaseCharge

August 01, 2022
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Introduction to the BioLite BaseCharge Series. Comprised of BaseCharge 1500, BaseCharge 600, and SolarPanel100, this big, portable power ecosystem is reliable, intuitive to use, and versatile - the result of 10 years of research and testing.

Since our very first thermoelectric stove back in 2012, BioLite has always seen itself as an Energy Company, committed to finding ways to harness the power around you, store it efficiently, and use it wisely. Today we are incredibly proud to announce a major advancement in our energy ecosystem with the introduction of our new BaseCharge Series of high-capacity power stations and solar panels.

Why should you care about power stations from BioLite? In short: we’re battery experts. We’ve spent the past ten years not only building the gear you know and love in the outdoor recreation space, we’ve also been delivering safe and reliable energy to over four million individuals across sub-Saharan Africa where living off-grid is a reality of daily life. The customer feedback from these high-frequency, extreme environments directly impacted our approach to how solar, power storage, and user accessibilty all come together to create an off-grid energy experience that is safe, reliable, and ready to meet your needs, wherever you may be. So whether you’re building an epic camping setup, preparing for emergencies, embracing the mobile work life, or taking on that DIY project you’ve always been meaning to do, BaseCharge is here to help you get the job done and, most importantly, put you in control of your energy – and that starts with the team over here creating a product that is incredibly easy to use and understand.

Sounds obvious right? We thought so, too. Which is why we were surprised to see a lot of options on the market that were unnecessarily confusing, complicated, and often required you to reach for the manual. We set out to design a power station that was straightforward, delivered clear and actionable feedback, and was ready for you to use straight out of the box.

Okay, less telling, more showing: here are 5 ways the engineering and product team at BioLite set out to make BaseCharge the absolute easiest power station to use on the market:

1) A Plug and Play Port Wall that matches you with the right power for the job.

BioLite BaseCharge Port WallPort Wall Includes: 110V AC , DC Car port, DC Barrel Ports, USB-A, USB-C, and a USB-C PD port at a full 100W, the highest rating available on the market

New to outlet types? AC (Alternating Current) is like a tiny power plant and works with common household electronics and appliances that were designed to charge from a wall, which, you guess it, is Alternating Current. DC stands for Direct Current and enables you to connect to a variety of modern electronics without using an adapter, making your energy more efficient. The USB options allow for your specific smaller devices to plug in for optimal charging and the USB-C PD port provides faster charging times to compatible devices - plus, it doubles as power/in power out so you can expedite charge-in times of the BaseCharge when you pair it with your included wall charger.

* The number of port facings varies by model of BaseCharge. International voltage versions available for our customers around the world.

2) The Wireless Charging Deck cuts the cord entirely.

BioLite BaseCharge Wireless Charging DeckWith wireless charging becoming increasingly common with smart phones, we made sure that both BaseCharge models include a large Wireless Charging Deck that gives you the ultimate ease for charging - just set it and forget it and let the platform do the work.

3) Designing a Dashboard that actually Demystifies Your Energy.

BioLite BaseCharge Message Center and Display Dashboard

A key feature of BaseCharge, the large format display does real-time calculations on your power supply, includes a resettable energy odometer, and prompts you with alerts and directional messaging to put your power in your hands. We prioritized making important information accessible to limit the amount you will need an owners manual.

The top question we get about BaseCharge is "how many times can it charge x or how long can it run Y" and the answer is that your dashboard will give you the best readings for your network of devices in real time, giving you the most accurate battery status. For example, if you're using your SolarPanel 100 for input and charging a low energy requiring device, your dashboard will show you that the BaseCharge is gaining power faster than it's giving it. On the flip-side, when using multiple plugs at once and expending power faster, your unit will show how long it can sustain that exact amount of battery use.

4) A 12 Checkpoint Safety System that enables you to plug in with confidence, and talks to you through the dashboard.

BioLite BaseCharge 12 Checkpoint Safety System

Behind the scenes, your BaseCharge's internal custom circuitry and firmware are constantly monitoring your system so you can share power to devices safely and reliably. Your gear is expensive and important and knowing that it's safe is imperative when charging on-the-go. Core checks like over and under voltage limits, charge current limit, short circuit protection, and high and low-temperature limits are happening at all times. In the event your unit experiences an error, the checkpoint system will send notifications to the message center on your dashboard and may cut off power to the port facings, protecting both BaseCharge and your external devices.

In our 10 years of battery development in extreme, off-grid environments, we've found that having confidence in the safety of your gear is a non-negotiable.

5) Expandability into a full solar generator system that helps you get the most from the sun for faster charging times and limitless energy.

BioLite SolarPanel 100With the addition of the SolarPanel 100, your BaseCharge will become a seemingly-endless power resource. Easy to set up and self-reliant, the panels have our analog Optimal Sun System to help you orient the layout for direct sunlight - a small detail that can help you get up to 30% more power.

Paired with BaseCharge 1500, you're able to daisy-chain up to four SolarPanel100's, enabling 400W's of power to re-charge your power station quickly.

Want to charge your devices directly from the panel? SolarPanel 100 allows you to do so thanks to its onboard USB-A and USB-C ports.