2019 Resolutions: More. Time. Outside.

January 08, 2019
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Turns Out, Writing It Down is a Great Start

BioLite Outdoor Resolutions

I love New Year’s resolutions. They challenge me to make the year ahead even better (or more interesting) than the one behind me.

In 2017, I went all out: I resolved to explore part of the world that I’d never visited and committed to becoming a better photographer along the way. By that summer I had a full itinerary, booked tickets, and a coverage plan that enabled me to take a six month adventure sabbatical through Southeast Asia. I backpacked through six countries, trekked jungles, spelunked through massive caves, motorbiked up mountain passes, and met incredible, kind, inspiring people. Best of all, the vast majority of it all took place outside.

2018 was a different story: in the craze of moving to a different city (hello, Seattle!) and establishing a new life and routine, I never stopped to name my outdoor goals for the year – and before I knew it, it was December. Outside adventure was at an all-time low and I craved the open skies of 2017.

Lesson learned: resolutions can be a powerful way to kickstart changes I want to see happen - even if they’re months away.

So here we are in 2019. And instead of flying to the other side of the world, my goal this year starts much closer to home: each season of 2019, I’m resolving to plan a trip to a new location around the Pacific Northwest and embark on an adventure that encourages exploration and appreciation for the local environment. Currently my short list includes spring camping in the Olympic National Park, summer surfing in Tofino, hiking in the North Cascades in the fall, and winter – well, winter is still in the works (let me know if you have suggestions).

I’ve stated my goals here and I’ll document my progress on BioLite’s Insta Stories so you can hold me accountable. And just like I know you’ll help hold me to this resolution - all of us at BioLite want to help you get the motivation you need to make your outdoor goals happen in 2019.

So, for those of us feeling the bleakness of January - ask yourself:

What’s something you want to accomplish in the outdoors this year?

BioLite Outdoor Resolutions

Whatever it is - we want to hear about it! And importantly, we want to give you helpful nudges you need to make that resolution a reality; for every resolution submitted, we’ll check in with you throughout the year to see how it’s going and share some tips and resources that can help remove the pesky logistical barriers that so often get in the way.

And for one lucky winner, we’ll even jumpstart your adventure with a sweet pack of gear and an unforgettable overnight in Yosemite – how’s that for a little bit of motivation? (This giveaway has now closed).

Wherever your year takes you in 2019, I wish you good health and great time outside – now let’s go make that happen.


Hayley Samuelson, BioLite Community Manager


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