Find Your "Outside" and the Gear that helps Power It.

December 01, 2021
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The Outdoors. 

This term conjures up different mental images for so many people.  It could mean a lush forested hiking path to one person.  It could even me the summit of a Fourteener on someone's bucket list.  It could also mean someone's local green space or backyard. Even a favorite road running route in the local neighborhood. This is where BioLite is challenging the term "outdoors" and changing it to "outside". We all aspire to go to these Instagram-able (Did we just make up a new word?) locations but some of the best moments can happen much closer to home, sometimes even in your own backyard.  We know this all too well being in NYC. Now lets look at some gear that can help you "Find Your Outside."

The Backyardigan

FirePit+ and FireMat | AlpenGlow 500 | SiteLight String

If the last 18 months has taught us anything, it's how to get creative with backyard hangs with friends. With all the remote working that is happening from home. Sometimes the last thing we want to do it host a dinner for friends inside.  Simply moving to the backyard can be just the change of pace you might need. A FirePit+ can really helps to create the warmth and ambience for an amazing time and level up your backyard at the same time.

If you're living in an area where an open fire isn't an option. Check out our AlpenGlow Lanterns.  With all of their color modes, you're sure to find something that matches or creates the right mood. Since they work as a power bank as well, they are great to attach a SiteLight String or charge up your portable Bluetooth speaker.


The Traveler

Charge 40 PDFlexLight | TraveLight 135

"Outside" can also be exploring a city you haven't been to before. I know when I travel to a new city. I create a list of objectives like "Find local Donut Shop" or "Visit Independent Bookstore". These can set you off on an adventure that can give you the opportunity to meet some incredible people. Having a battery bank like our Charge PD Series can help keep your phone charged up and make sure you can navigate your way around a new place. In addition, bike share services and tours are a great way to see a city.  An extra light can go a long way towards being visible on the road. The TraveLight 135's red and white strobe feature works perfectly for this and can attach to just about anything.

We all know that while traveling some where far off you have to make time for a quick video call back home. On the other hand, maybe you snuck away for a change of scenery while working remote, I mean like really remote working from a tropical island during the winter months. Our FlexLight is just the thing to make you really glow and show off that tan you got.  It can also be a great work light since it can plug into your laptops USB port for instant warm light that isn't too harsh on the eyes. It packs down so small, that it can go virtually anywhere with you.


The Camper/Camp Chef

CampStove Complete Cook Kit | FirePit Cooking Kit

Have you ever noticed that all the food you cook while camping or grilling out tastes just that much better than if it were indoors. Those burgers and hotdogs have that little something extra that cant be replicated inside. Maybe your loved for food and cooking over an open flame is what gets you outside.  Our FirePit+ can help accomplish this both in the backyard or the campsite.  If you are looking for a more portable option the CampStove 2+ is the stove for you.  Both items have the ability to charge out so you can keep you phones charged up to follow along with those recipe videos and make your camp meal made to perfection.


The Runner/Climber/Skier

HeadLamp 330 | HeadLamp 750 | Charge 20 PD

Maybe you're a bit more active when you head outside. Longer runs into the night, sunrise climbs, or even pre-dawn skinning up mountains for those fresh powder runs. This is where our HeadLamp 330 and 750 come in to enhance those activities.  Their lightweight comfortable design allows for hours of use without discomfort and the battery life to support it. Our HeadLamp 750 also features pass through charging.  This allows you to tether it to a power bank like our Charge 20 PD for additional battery to keep your headlamp shining bright through the long winter nights. 


There are tons of ways to get outside and lots of gear that can help you do so.  Start a new tradition this year and get you and your loved ones outside and explore somewhere new. 


We'll see you out there.



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