Pocket Preparedness

September 11, 2018
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Compact Everyday Items That Serve You Well in Readiness Scenarios.

Every National Preparedness Month a lot of ‘must-have’ checklists are released detailing essentials for emergency scenarios. This year we decided to create a list of everyday energy items that aren’t just reserved for extreme situations but are actually super helpful to keep on you all the time in case you need a back up light or power source.

In this quick video, we rundown a few of our favorite ‘pocket preparedness’ items and ways to use them in daily life. The best part? They all fit easily inside your day-to-day bag.

BioLite's Pocket Preparedness Picks 

  1. PowerLight Mini
  2. Charge 20
  3. SolarPanel 5+ or SolarPanel 10+
  4. SiteLight Minis
  5. SunLight
Pocket Sized Prep Battery
Pocket sized prep light

Packable Prep: Recommendations From Our Community

A few of our ambassadors who are constantly on the go shared the items that they won’t leave home without, each of which ensure they are prepared for any off grid scenario.

Brian from Colorado Backcountry Adventures lives off grid 24/7 and shared the top items he keeps in his daily pack: 

  • Solar Power Bank or Rechargeable Battery with Inverter
  • USB Rechargeable Headlamp
  • Swiss Arm Knife - I've had the same one since I was in Boy Scouts!
  • Flint Striker
  • Water Purifier
  • Mylar Blanket (or wool if you have the room as it is much more durable)
  • Backpack- after all what are you going to carry everything with?

Amanda (@adventuringwithkids) is a mother of two and an avid climber who says, "All of the items below pack down extremely easily and fit in our packs with all the climbing gear so we are prepared for whatever comes our way during an adventure or unplanned scenario."

  • Multiple PowerLight Minis - as climbers sometimes we end up hiking back from the crag in the dark, so we always pack our ’minis to light the way. The fun is over if your kids trip and injure themselves.
  • A large foldable water resistant blanket
  • A Leatherman Multitool - perfect for snack time or emergencies.
  • A dry bag - mostly used for snacks but is nice to have in extreme circumstances too.
  • Water - we love our platypus hydration sleeves and we also like to have a Hydro Blu sidekick straw filter, ya never know when you'll need it.
  • Extra layers to protect from the elements in case of a sudden change of weather - little bodies get cold easily.

Whether you are commuting, adventuring, or off the grid due to a power outage, having a few packable energy items with you at all times can be really helpful and keep you prepared for any scenario. 

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