Introducing the BioLite AnglerForm

April 01, 2015

The AnglerForm: Where deep sea meets backcountry

Here at BioLite, we like to take cues from our natural surroundings, both on land and under the water. Inspired by the Anglerfish of the deep ocean abyss, the BioLite AnglerForm is a hands-free way to create useful light for all of your outdoor needs.

Heads up design

We designed the AnglerForm with the human head in mind. It's ergonomic and flexible form factor improves circulation around the brow and forehead and the moisture wicking elastomer band allows you to stay cool during high stress camping. The low-energy, high-efficiency LEDs produce a more natural light to illuminate both the face and immediate vicinity of the body. We also made sure to include a hyper-flexible neck to allow you access to all three hundred and sixty degrees of movement.