Energy when and how you need it. Now that's powerful.

March 25, 2015
Watch the video to see how energy sharing with the BioLite NanoGrid works
So you're out in the backcountry. You're phone is dead but your headlamp has a full battery. What can you do?

We asked ourselves this same question. Here at BioLite, we got frustrated with power being stuck in our outdoor gear. A fully-charged camera but no power in your flashlight to find your way to the perfect overlook; plenty of juice in your lantern but a dead phone and no way to pull up that grilled sausage recipe you saved. With power already at a premium in off-grid environments, you should get to use those precious watts whenever and however you want.

Taking control of your power

That's why we created the BioLite NanoGrid, a system that allows you to choose the energy you want: light or power. The PowerLight serves as the anchor of the NanoGrid. Its 3-in-1 functionality means that you get a 250 Lm torch, 200 Lm lantern and 4,400 mAh powerbank all in a single compact device. To get this compact form factor and all this multi-functionality, our engineers determined that the best battery for the job was the 18650 (the same one you'll find in the Tesla Model S). The PowerLight has not one, but two of these powerful lithium-ion batteries that combined can produce 16 watt hours of power. The best part is you can use these 16 watts however you want like charging multiple GoPros and iPhones (check out the full specs here.) And because the PowerLight charges out at two amps, that means your gear will be back in the green in no time.

Light a small space or an entire site

If your power needs are more centered around lighting your site, the PowerLight alone can run for up to 72 hours. That's six full nights of lighting your tent, finding your way down the trail or cooking that midnight snack. The PowerLight even has a power-saving mode to make sure there's always some light left in a pinch. If you're looking to illuminate a larger area, connecting two of the daisy-chainable SiteLights will give you 22 hours of soft, warm light. Light up the path from your tent to your cooking area, create the perfect ambiance for your campfire hangouts, or light and entire room during your next power outage.

PowerLight battery running low?
Recharge almost anywhere.

After the PowerLight has been put to good use, you have a plenty of options to charge up and keep the power flowing. Charge from an outlet at home in preparation for a weekend getaway or in the car heading to your site. Once on site, use any number of power-producing products in your pack to recharge, the BioLite BaseCamp, CampStove, KettleCharge.