Roundup: SolarPanel 5 Series

March 18, 2016

The SolarPanel 5 and 5+ have been out on the market for just about a month now, soaking up the sun and maximizing charge for people all around the world. From the stories our customers have been sharing about their experiences, the panels seem to be a hit! Don't take our word for it though, take a look through the buzz below to get an outsider’s perspective.

SolarPanel 5 and 5+ In The News
BioLite's New Camping Gear Makes Roughing It Not So Rough

“Using the SolarPanel 5+ is as easy as making sure it’s exposed to sunlight for as long as possible. But to maximize the amount of power you can steal from the sun’s rays, in one corner of the panel you’ll find a tiny sun dial. As long as the shadow dot inside the sundial is perfectly positioned in the center of a crosshair, you’re ensured it will be harvesting sunlight and charging as efficiently as possible.”

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Grind TV
A Tech-Adverse Person's Dream

“The SolarPanel 5+ was designed specifically to capture energy from the sun using a high-efficiency monocrystalline panel and onboard 220mAh battery. All that is fancy talk for what is essentially one of the easiest gadgets we’ve used in a long time: Just line up the sundial reader, clip the panel to a backpack or the 360-degree kickstand to set it up on uneven terrain, check the battery indicator to measure how much time you have left to hit full capacity, then plug in your gadgets for a charge or store the energy for later. That’s it."


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The Perfect Companion For Spring Break

“This new, ultra-thin solar panel will save you from that inevitable beachside phone battery drain. An integrated sundial helps you align the panel to best capture the rays, with a 360-degree kickstand to make it easy to always achieve the optical angle—or to strap it to your backpack if you’re hiking back to the house. An onboard battery within the 5+ stores energy for later, ready to charge your phones, tablets, and other BioLite gear (like their award-winning lanterns) when reserves start to dip. If only it was versatile enough to charge a hybrid.”

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"What makes this particular portable solar panel product offering so exciting and totally unique is the fact it features its very own integrated sundial. This sundial feature is a wonderful addition, for it aligns with the sun, making it possible to capture direct rays. A special 360-degree kickstand makes it easier than ever for you to position the sundial on uneven and tricky terrain, ensuring accurate functioning at all times."


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What Reviewers Are Saying On Youtube
Survival On Purpose tests the SolarPanel 5+ in his backyard.

A longtime fan of BioLite, Survival on Purpose articulates all of the features of the SolarPanel 5+, accompanied by great footage of the panel in action. He uses it to charge his phone on a sunny day, which is simple to do using our sundial and rigid kickstand. He says, “Everything I have seen of BioLite’s has been high quality, and this is no exception.”

The SolarPanel 5+ Meets All Of The Gadget Nut's Expectations

Justin outlines all of the key features and design of the SolarPanel5+. He uses the corner latching to clip it to his backpack and gets great results when he takes it outside.

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