Roundup: PowerLight Mini

February 29, 2016

All of us here at BioLite love the PowerLight Mini. We’ve been testing them for months and they’ve definitely earned their places in our bags and on our bikes. And from the response we’ve seen online and in the press, it looks like we’re not the only ones who feel that way. We’ve gathered a roundup of reviews so you can see what everyone is saying about the PowerLight Mini.

PowerLight Mini In The News
Core 77
A Night Light Right for All Types of People

“While I'm a fan of traditional headlamps, the PowerLight Mini offers flexibility and a couple perks that even staunch headlight users might find nice. By clipping to a lower pocket you can give steady lighting without needing to hold your head just-so, and standing it on a table could cut down on the accidental friend-blinding that comes with making dinner by headlamp light.”

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Gear Patrol
A Multi-Use Lantern the Size of a Credit Card

“The BioLite PowerLite Mini is essentially a scaled-down version of the PowerLite, but its size lends itself to packability and versatility. The rotating kickstand spins 270 degrees, acting as either a stand or a clamp for hands-free operation on your pocket or your pack. The Mini also comes with a bike clamp so it can act as a head- or taillight on or off the grid. The 1350mAh USB-rechargeable battery is good enough for 52 hours of low-level illumination; or, in a pinch, it can give your mobile device a power boost. Three lighting modes including edge lighting, which avoids harsh glares on the trail or commute; red night mode, to better maintain night vision while still providing illumination; and flash mode, for emergencies or rider visibility."

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Mens Gear
On how easily PowerLight Mini fits into their everyday life:

“We live in a time when multi-tasking is a skill a lot of us need to master in order to deal with every-day situations, both at work and in our personal lives. So, it makes perfect sense to demand the same from our “smart” gadgets; after all, they do come full-packed with modern tech. And that’s exactly the case with the PowerLight Mini Lantern.”

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A ‘painfully versatile’ camping essential

“The Biolite PowerLight Mini is the sort of camping accessory that doesn’t look for the limelight and is far from glamorous but you’ll certainly be thankful that you’ve got one when the sun goes down in the evening. This cracking little camping accessory from Biolite is essentially a clip-able lantern, small enough to slip in a pocket and resilient enough to withstand any inclement weather you face on your excursions.”

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Highlighting BioLite's Edge-lighting technology:

“In place of typical bulky lantern components, Biolite uses an edge-lit panel that relies on its proprietary texture to distribute light evenly. This construction cuts weight and size, and provides a soft, even glow of up to 135 lumens. The light includes four modes: white lantern mode with dimming function, red night light, maximum visibility white point light and strobe.”

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What Reviewers Are Saying On Youtube:
The Do It Yourself World calls it “My New Favorite Lantern”

Starting with by the initial unboxing, Troy walks us through how he sets up, charges and uses the PowerLight Mini inside his tiny home. He conducted an experiment where he left the light on high to see just how long it stays on. Click below to see how the PowerLight Mini held up and what surprised Jay the most.

Dave Wilcox Jr takes the PowerLight Mini for a spin

Our favorite part of this review is when Dave share’s his PowerLight Mini Hack. He uses the bike mount to attach his PowerLight Mini to his trekking pole for visibility while he explores.

Bruce with Nature Calls walks through all of his favorite PowerLight Mini features

Beyond walking you through our favorite uses of the PowerLight Mini, Bruce shares a few unique ways that the PowerLight Mini can help you out whether it be during a walk with your dog or a dance party.

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