A-Sale Is Coming.

October 26, 2015
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Let's get right into it:

May 17–27 2019 is REI’s Anniversary Sale.

It’s HeadLamp 330’s first appearance at this epic event.

Here’s some helpful info if you’re looking to recommend HeadLamp 330 to potential customers or maybe pick one up for yourself:

Top 10 Editor Reviews I REI.com Reviews I Fast Facts Comparison Chart

Ten In-Depth Reviews from Major Outdoor Editors

  1. Adventure Journal“Running, mountain biking, nordic skiing, jumping up and down to try to make it slide onto my face—I’ve tried all of that and it just stays put.”
  2. Backpacker Gear Guide: "We barely noticed the lamp was sitting on our foreheads.”
  3. Core 77“This is better than all five headlamps I already own.” (30 DAY REVIEW with a lot of different testing applications).
  4. Digital Trends“We found that we used the BioLite as much around the house as we did in the woods.”
  5. Gadgeteer: “I expect this will get a lot of use.” (**Lots of user photos in this article**)
  6. Gear Patrol“For me, one of the most important things to test on a headlamp is to see how it performs when I’m running – The BioLite lamp stayed put.”
  7. Gear Junkie“For the vast majority of camp or backpack-oriented uses, this is a great little headlamp. It’s well-made and robust, and in dozens of testing days, we’ve yet to have one fail.”
  8. Off Grid Web: “Metal fans in need of illumination are in great luck: head-banging and jumping up and down did not result in the light shifting around. In fact, our two testers reported zero movement, and the band was not torqued down — all was comfortable. Good fit, good kit.”
  9. Runner's World“Both components are exceptionally thin and lightweight, so there’s no bouncing no matter how fast you run.” (2018 HOT LIST PICK).
  10. The Trek“I really hadn’t considered how much the design of a headlamp could be improved until I encountered the BioLite HeadLamp 330. This is a comfortable, lightweight headlamp that really gets the job done. It’ll be my first choice anytime I pack up for a trip or step out the door for an early-morning run."

REI.com Reviews

It’s not just editors that are liking HeadLamp 330 – REI.com has 149 reviews and counting with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

These customer reviews cover a range of applications - check ’em out.

And if you’re looking for even more stories and feedback, check out the reviews on BioLite.com.

Fast Facts Comparison Chart

What’s the run time? How does it compare to a Black Diamond? Does it tilt?

Chances are your customers will be asking questions like this when they come into the store – we put quick answers all in a single spot for ya:

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