Review Roundup: BioLite HeadLamp

October 04, 2018
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Just a few weeks into the launch of our new HeadLamp, editors, beta-testers and gear experts share their first impressions and experiences with this hands-free light. Take a look through the reviews below to see what they're saying.

HeadLamp In The News

30-Day In-Depth Review: The Killer Design Features of BioLite's HeadLamp Make it a Winner

“After using BioLite's HeadLamp every day for a month in a variety of conditions, I've concluded that their designers took a different approach. Instead of designing a broad portfolio of headlamps each intended for a specific purpose, they put their heads together and built one really good one. It's compact, comfortable, has an array of different lighting options, provides great quality light, is easy to use, and has good battery life. But overall, it's really the thoughtful design that has made this my favorite headlamp to date.”

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BioLite's HeadLamp Gives Off Tons of Light, Weighs in at Just 3 Ounces

“BioLite didn’t just make the HeadLamp small and bright — it put a lot of emphasis on comfort too. Using what it calls “3D SlimFit Construction,” the company has managed to squeeze all of the electronic components into a surprisingly small space. This allows the light to nestle neatly into a flush housing, while also providing improved stability and balance while being worn. The headband that holds the lamp in place is made from moisture-wicking fabrics that are designed to be comfortable to wear, even while running, cycling, or hiking in warm conditions.”

BioLite Built the Best HeadLamp, and You Can Save by Preordering

“The makers of that incredible camp stove that charges your phone are back with the HeadLamp, a blindingly bright wearable light that puts the battery behind your head, and uses modern LEDs to build a lamp up front that’s thin, comfortable, and extremely bright...I wore one around at the Outpost trade show earlier this month, and everyone who saw it was jealous.”

The Best Headlamps for Runners

“BioLite is better known for its camping gear, with a range of cook stoves and firepits. It also makes solar and camp lighting products, so a headlamp was a natural addition—one that runners will embrace. The battery pack is separated from the light and positioned on the back of the headband. Both components are exceptionally thin and lightweight, so there’s no bouncing no matter how fast you run. The unit turns out 330 lumens and features four lighting modes, including strobe and red night mode. Plus, the headband, made from a performance Lycra that won’t rub or irritate, was one of the most comfortable we’ve ever worn.”

HeadLamp on YouTube

Living Survival calls it 'The World's Most Comfortable HeadLamp'

If you're looking to see how the HeadLamp performs in the dark, skip forward to the 8 min mark where Ben puts it to the test in a walk in the pitch dark. 


Blackford Oakes Unboxes HeadLamp and gives viewers a sneak peek into all the features. 

"There's plenty of small head lamps out there, but I think BioLite took a good approach at the genre with this new unit...It is not only light, but really stays put... The LED lamp is integrated into the headband, and most cabling is seamlessly channeled through it. There's multiple low profile adjustment buckles that don't get in the way at all. When they make a pitch that they're using smart fabrics, not just elastic that sags and bounces around, it's a legit claim. The fabric is definitely a modern feel, without abrasion points, like high quality seamless athletic fabrics. You can wad this up and fit it in a pocket, easy. Low profile, no hanging cords. It's really light, tipping scales at 2.4 ounces."


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