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February 13, 2019
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Beta-Tester, Jet, using the HeadLamp while guiding a kayak trip through Point Reyes National Seashore.

Does HeadLamp 330 meet the hype? You don't have to take our word for it.

Read on for reviews from editors, gear experts, and BioLite customers, all based on actual interactions with HeadLamp 330. While the adventures may vary, some common themes keep bubbling up to the top: this light really fits unlike any other, and dang, is it bright. 

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What Editors are Saying:

HeadLamp 330's No Bounce Is Winning With Runners

Outside Editor Ariella Gintzler names HeadLamp 330 her staff pick, perfect for trail-running thanks to the no-slip fit.


Runner's World adds HeadLamp 330 to their Hot List: "The battery pack is separated from the light and positioned on the back of the headband. Both components are exceptionally thin and lightweight, so there’s no bouncing no matter how fast you run. The unit turns out 330 lumens and features four lighting modes, including strobe and red night mode. Plus, the headband, made from a performance Lycra that won’t rub or irritate, was one of the most comfortable we’ve ever worn.” ~ Runner's World.


Trail runners will love this headlamp that shifts the weight of the battery to the rear of the head strap and more evenly balance when running. Runners will also like the SlimFit fabric that runs across the front of the headlamp, it’s soft and acts as a sweatband when worn against the forehead." ~ Gear Chase.


3D SlimFit Design Really Makes A Difference

"The killer design features of BioLite's HeadLamp make it a winner...Instead of designing a broad portfolio of headlamps each intended for a specific purpose, they put their heads together and built one really good one. It's compact, comfortable, has an array of different lighting options, provides great quality light, is easy to use, and has good battery life. But overall, it's really the thoughtful design that has made this my favorite headlamp to date.” Core77.

Digital Trends names HeadLamp 330 the Best HeadLamp Design of 2019: “The BioLite Headlamp is one of the most comfortable and no-fuss headlamps we have tested. At 2.4 ounces, it’s also among the lightest. BioLite’s success comes from an innovative strap system that integrates the light and the wiring into the strap itself. The result of this one-piece design is a light that hugs your head and doesn’t bounce even when you are running. It also means there are no messy wires to contend with when you adjusting the strap or taking it on/off your head."Digital Trends.

"BioLite’s 330 Headlamp is Light, Bright, and Darn Near Perfect. This headlamp is comfortable. The most comfortable I’ve ever worn. Built with something called “3D SlimFit Construction,” the very thin, very light lamp wraps nicely around your head with a moisture-wicking headband. It stays there. Running, mountain biking, nordic skiing, jumping up and down to try to make it slide onto my face—I’ve tried all of that and it just stays put." ~ Adventure Journal.

Comfort Alert: People Keep Forgetting The HeadLamp Is On Their Head

Heidi Kumm of Trail Sisters says, "it is a very comfortable headlamp that is easy to forget, I often left it on well after the sun rose on our morning adventures."  


"BioLite's new HeadLamp is slim & lightweight to the point of hardly being there. Despite its minimal appearance, we learned quickly that this thing is bright – and we mean really bright. Great for everything from night hikes to hot springs, thanks to its articulating front bezel, you can adjust light to exactly where you need it, making once-cumbersome activities (like cooking dinner at night) a breeze." ~  Adventure Sports Network.


"The BioLite HeadLamp is so different, comfortable and bright that it's the headlamp you didn't know you needed." ~ Utah Outside.


"Perhaps the comfiest headlamp yet, BioLite’s HeadLamp 330 is now available to purchase. With a bulb incorporated into the headband, this headlamp sits flush on your head and aims to reduce bulk and bounce when maneuvering through the woods." ~ Gear Junkie.



What Customers Are Saying:   

HeadLamp 330 has earned itself a 4.9 star rating on REI and 5 Stars on BioLite.
  • Just did my first run with HeadLamp 330. Yowza! Love how it fits and feels. It is comfortable and snug and there is zero bounce. I hardly noticed it, except for the great light it threw.
    - Jenny
  • As an avid hiker, it's nice to finally have a headlamp that doesn't move around as much as I do. 
    - Dani
  • This is the best headlamp I have ever owned! Super comfortable and lightweight, and the charge lasts for an impressively long time.
    - Trent
  • This is by far the most comfortable headlamp that I've every used. Even better, is just how bright it is. With option for wide beam, distance beam or both you won't have any problems seeing in the dark.
    - Steven
  • For such a compact headlamp, the fit is excellent, the adjustable lighting easy to use, and most impressive of all, I can't believe the battery life from this headlamp.
    - John

What YouTubers are Saying:

Living Survival: BioLite 330 HeadLamp Review

    Helpful Timestamps:
    • 4:01 for a comfort comparison between HeadLamp 330 and other headlamps in his gear closet.
    • 8:00 for a Ben using HeadLamp 330 during a walk in the pitch dark.  
    Worth Noting:

    Ben calls HeadLamp 330, 'The World's Most Comfortable HeadLamp.'


    Blackford Oakes: BioLite HeadLamp - Sneak Peek!

      Helpful Timestamps

      • 1:11 for an example of just how how compact and packable HeadLamp 330 is.
      • 2:01 for a closer look at how thin HeadLamp 330 is, Blackford Oakes pulls out a tool to precisely measure it.

      Worth Noting:

      "There's plenty of small head lamps out there, but I think BioLite took a good approach at the genre with this new unit...It is not only light, but really stays put... The LED lamp is integrated into the headband, and most cabling is seamlessly channeled through it. There's multiple low profile adjustment buckles that don't get in the way at all. When they make a pitch that they're using smart fabrics, not just elastic that sags and bounces around, it's a legit claim. The fabric is definitely a modern feel, without abrasion points, like high quality seamless athletic fabrics. You can wad this up and fit it in a pocket, easy. Low profile, no hanging cords. It's really light, tipping scales at 2.4 ounces."


      Emelie Outdoor Adventures: BioLite 330 in a Dark Forest 

        Helpful Timestamps:

        • 2:27 for a quick demo on how easy it is to tilt and angle the light.
        • 3:23 for a run down of how to cycle through lighting modes. 
        • 4:35 for a look at just how bright each of the lighting modes is, Emelie demonstrates them in the forest at night. 

        Worth Noting:

        "It weighs 69g or 2.4 oz which is almost nothing. It feels very good on your head because most of the weight is on the back...I can really understand if people who are running and jogging a lot like this headlamp because it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything on your head."


        Intrigued? Try HeadLamp 330 for yourself with our HolyFit Guarantee

        Run with it, hike with it, live with it: use Headlamp 330 for up to 30 days and if you don't love how the performance fit and functional light, we'll take it back for a refund.

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