Why These Reviewers Are ‘Geeking Out’ About HeadLamp 200

February 18, 2020
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Gear Experts, Editors, & Customers Weigh in on BioLite’s New Handsfree Lantern

Photo Credit: Stephen Reid

It’s that time of year where we look out into the world to see what people are saying about our new gear, in this case, the ultralight, rechargeable HeadLamp 200. From YouTubers on the run to EDC experts taking a hike through the snow, the overall consensus is, it’s a winner. Read on below to see what people are saying:

3D SlimFit Construction Makes HeadLamp 200 Ultra-Lightweight & Incredibly Comfortable

“I can’t believe how bright it is for the size of it,” ~ Stephen, Gear Reviewer.

“200 lumens sounds quite low, I didn’t think it would be that bright - [it’s] very impressive. I’m going to use this for running, for camping, as an emergency light for hiking when I’m going to be out after dark....It’s such a nice design. I know it sounds like I’m really really plugging it quite a bit but I’m geeking out about [this design]. It’s my new favorite rechargeable headlamp for running, camping, and hiking.”

Helpful timestamps from Stephen’s video:

  • 2:15 - See the just HeadLamp 200’s tilting function up close and personal
  • 2:49 - Watch as Stephen switches between the four different modes
  • 3:50 - See HeadLamp 200 in use on a night run and during a camping trip. As Stephen mentions, "everyone at camp was jealous of my headlamp.”
  • 4:30 - Stephen compares HeadLamp 200 to other headlamps he’s used.


“The BioLite [HeadLamp 200] is second to none - I can’t say enough about it.” ~ Cody, Wandering Beast.


“I’ve tested 1000+ lumen headlamps in the past. Those are still my go to when I’m working a 10 hour day and I need a headlamp at the worksite. That’s not what this is - this HeadLamp is for just about everything else. The UI is intuitive enough that even the kids and family pick it up easily...hands down, the best.”

To get a look at just how bright 200 lumens is skip ahead to 2:23 where Cody goes on a walk in the pitch dark.


“Just when I thought high-quality headlamps couldn’t get any lighter.”~ Alastair, Trail & Kale.

“Having a hyper-lightweight headlamp like the BioLite HeadLamp 200, which only weighs 50g, has its advantages, including extra comfort and zero bounce while running. A lightweight headlamp is also much more convenient to stow away and carry in your hydration pack while you’re not using it....All in all if you’re looking for a very reasonably priced, lightweight headlamp for short to medium distance night runs or hikes during the dark winter months then the HeadLamp 200 may be better suited to your needs.”


"HeadLamp 200 wears like a headband," says Bob at TribLive. "You put it on and largely forget about it. Because it weighs so little, you aren’t constantly fiddling around trying to keep the light in place, only to ultimately wind up with a tell-tale red pressure mark on your forehead. You just put it on and go.”


Wired names HeadLamp 200 one of their favorite pieces of running gear for cold, wet conditions: “It's comfortable, sits flush on my forehead, and weighs a mere 1.6 ounces! In white spot mode, it illuminated the path ahead of me in a pitch-black forest to about 30 feet, which is a long way for such a little light.”

At Only 50g, It's A No Brainer To Stash In Your Pocket

“I have no doubt the BioLite HeadLamp 200 is a good lamp for virtually any outdoor enthusiast.” ~ Piotr, Carryology.

Close up Reviewer Image of HeadLamp 200
Carryology Reviews HeadLamp200

“This is an ultralight and compact headlamp, which could be carried anywhere, anytime. It would suit all kinds of outdoorsmen, hikers, hunters, bushcrafters, mountaineers, trail runners and campers. Great for kids too. It’s the kind of lamp you want to keep close at hand at all times. It could be in a pack, car, country cabin or just in your pocket...At just 50g (1.7 oz) there’s no reason not to [every day carry] the BioLite HeadLamp 200 when exploring the world – just put it in your pocket and forget about it until dusk comes.”


“BioLite’s HeadLamp is the One for Everyone,” Tercius, The Inventory.

“Super easy to use, unobtrusive and lightweight, comfortable, and super-versatile, BioLite’s recently announced HeadLamp 200 is the perfect headlamp for just about everybody...For the average person, who just wants a light-weight headlamp without having to spend too much money, the BioLite HeadLamp 200 is perfect.”


“There Are Few Problems Headlamp 200 Can't Solve.” ~ Sarah, Esquire.

“It is a running light, a camping light, a work light, a reading light, a biking light, and an emergency light. You can use it while clipping your kid's and/or pet's fingernails, or fixing something under the hood. It will illuminate any task—any task—before you. It will illuminate your life.”


Other Noteworthy Reviews:


Customer Reviews: The All-Around HeadLamp

From dog-walking to running to power outages, people are reaching for HeadLamp 200 thanks to its forget-its-there fit and reliable illumination.

  • I've never used a headlamp this comfortable/lightweight - I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a complete headlamp solution!
  • I'm not sure where it all went, but there's nothing left except comfort & great light. I used the white spotlight to walk my dog at night. I live in a rural area with no street lights or visible houses, but I had a broad path of light...HeadLamp 200 is, hands down (no pun intended), my favorite!
  • The lamp is indeed very light, and comfortable to wear. During a recent power outage, I was so happy to have it! The wonderful lantern this light makes when you put it in the little stuff sack helped illuminate our dinner table that night. So glad I bought it!
  • I've used it for three early morning workouts thus far. The light intensity and span is quite good, providing excellent visibility. Fit is snug, while easy to adjust the size, the setting holds well during a variety of outdoor exercise moves.
  • I’ve used Headlamp 200 for early morning dog walks for the past several days. Comfortable headband that’s easily adjustable. Compared to the Headlamp 330, the incorporation of the rechargeable battery into the light unit saves weight and gives the 200 a slimmer profile....Altogether a great headlamp with a long battery life.

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