Inside The Tech: BioLite CookStove

March 28, 2016
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How Do You Burn Wood Like Gas?

This week, we sat down with Ben, the CookStove's Lead Engineer, to learn more about how the team approached designing a streamlined version of the CampStove that could still burn wood like gas.

Tell us about a problem that you were excited to solve during this project.

Ben, Senior Product Engineer: "We set out to design a stove that would allow people who were already set with a charge to cook over a smokeless wood fire. I was excited to design a super efficient fan that could move more air with less electricity. We ended up designing a new fan that's oriented vertically instead of horizontally as in the CampStove to save space. We went through a long motor optimization process to reduce the power drawn by the fan.”

Which aspects of the CookStove are you proud of?

Ben: "I'm proud of the nested fan design that allowed us to package everything in a slim, beautiful power pack.”

How are you using the CookStove now?

Ben: "I like to use the CookStove on backpacking trips over the weekends. In addition to boiling my water quickly, it's really nice to stare into a fire after a long day of hiking even if conditions don't permit making a bigger fire. During the week, I primarily use it to grill burgers on my fire escape."

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