BaseCharge + You: Powering Your Off-Grid Experiences

BaseCharge + You: Powering Your Off-Grid Experiences

August 04, 2022
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Over the years we've found that a common thread connecting our community members is an interest in energy accessibility. It makes sense - having power keeps us safe, allows for productivity, and enables connectivity when we are working, recreating, or navigating an unplanned event.

With simplicity at the forefront of our new Portable Power Series, controlling, using, and understanding your energy has never been easier. Below, we explore some of the most common uses of BaseCharge through the lens of Camping and Overlanding, Home Back Up, Mobile Office, and Professional and DIY. To jump to the Charging Tables at the bottom for examples of common devices and charging measurements, click here.

Camping & Overlanding | Home Back Up | Mobile Office | Professional & DIY

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Camping & Overlanding

Whether you're a weekend camper or live full-time in your overlanding rig, it's no surprise that the new BaseCharge Series and SolarPanel 100 fit the mobile living "must have" list. Designed to be ergonomic and lightweight for easy transport and with two models for your specific energy needs, you can bring the comforts of home - fresh food, evening light, and a touch of entertainment - when you hit the [off] road. Add a few days to your trip and connect the new SolarPanel 100 (or up to four of them when using a BaseCharge 1500) for extended runtimes.

BioLite BaseCharge Portable Power Series x Camping and Overlanding

Home Back Up

No matter if it's fire, tornado, hurricane season, or power outages affect you due to similar severe weather, the ability to have power in our homes is not to be taken for granted. Even a windy day can turn off the lights for a few hours. The devices we plug-in keep our food cold and fresh, heat water on cold evenings, connect us to loved ones, provide entertained, and ensure our essential medical equipment is properly powered. Portable power at home is peace-of-mind for the times when life simply cannot be disturbed.

BioLite BaseCharge Portable Power Series x Home Back Up

    Mobile Office

    With more people working remotely than ever before, having power means having productivity. The good news is that many remote positions require just few pieces of equipment - a laptop, phone, and internet can keep most efforts going - but, without power, these tools become worthless. Take advantage of BaseCharge's numerous ports for your work devices and wirelessly charge your phone on the top deck to stay on top of your projects. When working remotely is your norm, extend your runtimes with the new SolarPanel 100 and keep your power flowing without needing a wall outlet to charge your battery.

    BioLite BaseCharge Portable Power Series x Mobile Office

      Professional & DIY

      Big projects need big tools. Ditch the noisy generators and maze of extension chords and get your projects done all the same. Easy to carry, the BaseCharge Series can quickly be moved to exactly where you want to work. The 12 Checkpoint Safety System works to protect your equipment and the power station alike when surges of power or high voltages are needed. See the Charging Tables below for examples of tools and power capabilities.

      BioLite BaseCharge Portable Power Series x Professional

      Common Devices Charging Tables

      BaseCharge 1500

      • Smartphones - 117 charges
      • Laptop - 22 charges
      • 45L RV Cooler - 37 hours
      • DSLR Battery - 82 charges
      • Drone - 20 charges
      • Fridge - 20 hours
      • Microwave - 62 minutes
      • 55" TV - 16 hours
      • CPAP - 31 hours (*exact runtimes will vary by model)
      • Circular Saw - 51 minutes
      • Corded Drill - 57 minutes

      BaseCharge 600

      • Smartphones - 48 charges
      • Laptop - 9 charges
      • 45L RV Cooler - 15 hours
      • DSLR Battery - 34 charges
      • POV Camera - 106 charges
      • Power Tool Batteries - 9 charges
      • 55" TV - 6 hours
      • CPAP - 13 hours (*exact runtimes will vary by model)

        BioLite BaseCharge Portable Power Series Landing Page